Dermaplaning exfoliation

What is Dermaplaning?

This procedure involves a relaxing facial followed by a dermaplaning exfoliation, whereby a sterile  blade is used to gently scrape away at the epidermis getting rid of the dead skin with the added benefit of ridding the face of the vellus hair (soft peachy fuzz) leaving your skin silky smooth, clean and fresh, thus allowing better ease of application of moisturiser and make-up products.  With regular treatments you should see fine lines and scarring diminish slowly and a youthful glow appear. 

 Please note Dermaplaning does not alter the structure of the hair and it WILL NOT grow back faster and thicker.

Dermaplaning Snooze

This is exactly the same as previous dermaplaning description apart from the added benefit of a relaxing facial mask post dermaplaning where you will lie back and chill for a further 15 minutes.  It's not uncommon to fall asleep hence why I've entitled it 'snooze'!

Look no further for Dermaplaning in Stoke on Trent, just read the testimonials below from satisfied customers.


Eman J

Had dermaplaning done today and I really loved it. My face looks brighter, smooth and very soft. Daryl is such a lovely lady. Thank you, will recommend this to anyone.

Sarah B

Had the most relaxing time I've had this year! Daryl is lovely and makes you feel completely at ease and explains everything very clearly.

The after care I received was outstanding. You will feel like you are in contact with a lifelong friend!

Would recommend and will definitely be returning.

Amber R

So impressed with my demaplaning treatment with Daryl.  She made me feel so comfortable throughout the treatment and I am so pleased with the results - will definitely be back 

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