Semi permanent make up

What is Semi Permanent Make Up

Also known as micropigmentation, this is a procedure whereby pigment is implanted in to the dermal layer of the skin by means of a needle or blade. It is a form of temporary cosmetic tatooing.

The pigment can be applied to eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner and full lip colour to give a make up look that lasts 24/7.

The semi permanent make up is applied  in two sessions after a patch test is completed to check for any adverse reaction to the pigment

The initial procedure is when the pigment is applied, this is  followed  up by a top up  4-6 weeks later, this allows the pigment colour to settle and highlight any areas that need adjusting.

Who is it for?

A subtle enhancement for anyone who may have lost their eyebrows through illness, over plucking, age and for some who may not have a defined brow shape to begin with but desire brows as they are the frame to our face.  It is also a great time saver. I like to call it the waking up ready for the day look.  By adding a touch of eyeliner and/or lip colour along with your brows gives you an effortless make-up start to the day.  You can then go for a swim/run and sweat your heart out at the gym with the reassurance that you'll look as good as when you set out.

There are different ways to apply semipermanent make up to the eyebrows which can give a different effect, such as hair strokes and powder effect. I am happy to explain the different procedures and even demonstrate on fake skin so that you can be sure you are choosing the right product if you are after Semi permanent make up in Stoke-on-Trent .

Who should I choose?

So after finding out what Semi Permanent Make Up is and you are excited about getting a new look, don't just rush into the first salon or clinic offering the procedure. Take time to research the person carrying out the procedure, ensure that they have had the correct training with the certificates to prove. Another very important thing to check is that the premises have the councils required health and safety permissions and the technician carrying out the procedure is insured for EVERY type of procedure they are carrying out.

Sadly not all technicians and salons are fully trained or insured so it is very important to carry out these simple checks. Ask the technician to show you the relevant certificates if they are not displayed in the salon, better to be safe than sorry.

Is it safe?

Before any procedure is completed  you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure it is safe to start.

Is it painful?

As aestheticians we go to great lengths to ensure you are comfortable and provide topical anaesthetic to help with any discomfort.  Bearing in mind every one's pain threshold varies we are rarely unable to numb an area.